For Personal Clients

Income Tax Filing:

We prepare business tax returns in all 50 states.

Fast Turn Around:

Our unique system working with our clients and communication tools means your taxes will completed quickly and painlessly.


At no additional charge, if your returns qualifies, we will efile your taxes for optimal efficiency. This means no post office lines or return receipt postage to deal with. In addition, if you have a refund, it will be in your hands in a few short days after we file.

Making The Most Of Your Wealth:

Our wealth team will quarterback all elements of your financial situation to ensure that family needs and goals are fulfilled. Looking ahead, we build an effective succession plan and help you prepare for a financially secure retirement.

Quality Advice:

Whether it be once a year or once a day, you can can count on our advice to be timely and accurate. We have convinced our clients that no question is a stupid question.

Reducing Tax Exposure:

If your tax planning needs are for current year or for longer term matters, we will work with you to minimize your taxes and have a plan.

Planning Your Child’s Education:

There are a variety of opportunities available today to save money to secure your child’s education.

IRS Problem Resolution:

We can communicate with the IRS or local government on your behalf. We can clarify matters and work out the best arrangement for you. You have options…


If you have problems saving for the future or meeting your monthly expenses, we can design a budget to fit into your goals.

Please call our office at (682) 597-6680 for any questions. If you would like to schedule a free consultation, please click here.