Bill Paying

Business Management & Bill Paying Services:

Our business management services provide a complete bookkeeping and outsourced controller solution for our clients who do not have their own bookkeeping department or who are unable to manage their own books. Even though our business manager services are in Dallas Metro Area, we service clients globally.

Bill Paying:

By using our bill paying services, we are able to receive and then pay all of your bills in a secure and streamlined manner.


Whether for business or personal, we are able to coordinate and securely collect monies on your behalf and reconcile as needed.

Estimated Taxes:

We can handle the timing, management and payment all of estimated income taxes and compliance matters.

Cash Management:

We reconcile all monies going out and into your account with the bank statement to assure proper third party cash control and reporting.

Wire Transfers:

Whether domestic or international, we appreciate the need for rapid payment and have the facilities to handle this seamlessly.

Tax Filings:

We can prepare and even file all the tax returns on your behalf with limited participation from you (if you choose)

Payroll / Health Insurance / Benefits:

We assist our clients with properly setting up payroll and meeting all payroll related compliance matters for both IRS and state. In addition, we will guide you on your options surrounding health insurance, retirement and fringe benefits.

Credit Card Management:

We will both analyze and pay your credit bills timely. Should the time arise when a charge is in error or a payment misapplied, we will handle the related nuances.

Clear Communication:

Our firm pays great attention to crystal clear communication overall with all our clients. This is particularly true for bill paying and collection services due to the nature of this transactional work.

Access To Us Year-Round:

When you work with Smriti CPA LLC, you work with a team of professionals who are dedicated to client satisfaction, professionalism and availability to our clients year-round. Your questions are typically answered on the fly within minutes. Follow up questions are always welcomed. It’s a long-term relationship we are looking to build.

Please call our office at (682) 597-6680 for any questions. If you would like to schedule a free consultation, please click here.